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- Assist the mother and her partner in preparation for the birth.

- Assist in the implementation of the plans for birth.
- Understand the emotional needs of the new mother as she goes into labor.
- Stay at the side of the laboring mother throughout the entire labor and delivery process.
- Provide emotional support, physical comfort, an objective viewpoint, and assistance to the laboring woman

  in obtaining information in order to make good decision concerning the birth of her child.
- Facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and clinical care providers

- Capture and provide a photo collection of the birth experience for the parents.

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Birth Doula Services


When it comes to giving birth, every new mother should have someone close to her that can help her with the process.  Our mothers and grandmothers had their own mothers, aunts, sisters, or girlfriends during this blessed event, but today in the spread out world we live in, that is often difficult, if not impossible.  The service of a Birth Doula steps in for their absence and helps to make the occasion more joyous as she eases the pain and stress of the birth process.

What is a Doula and why do I need one?

Doula is from the Greek, meaning “a woman who serves” or servant to the woman of the house.  Of course we all want one of these!  But this is specifically in reference to the birthing process, from beginning to end.  The Doula provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother, during pregnancy and through the post partum period.
Research indicates that when a doula is present for the birth of a child, the labor is shorter and there are fewer complications.  The baby is healthy and is less likelihood of feeding problems.  The presence of a doula can:



Decrease the overall cesarean rate by 50%

Decrease the length of labor by 25%

Decrease the use of pitocin by 40%

Decrease the use of pain medication by 30%

Decrease the requests of an epidural by 60%

Decrease the use of forceps by 40%



Tranquil Retreat offers the service of a Birth Doula who will assist the new mother to have a safe and satisfying experience, whatever the needs of the new mother are, according to the definition the new mother has of safe and satisfying.  Laura Warwick, (DONA and CAPPA trained) understands and works within her practice and without interference with any medical aspect of labor and birth.


Laura will: